Optimization programs for oil refining crude and process units are vital for ensuring good profitability of refineries. Allied with the challenges of optimizing process units is the need to ensure reliability of equipment, piping and fractionation units in refineries. Prafis Energy Solutions consultants have years of experiences in the optimization of crude oil processing, hydrotreating units, paraffin isomerization, alkylation units, catalytic reforming units , FCC, Hydrocracking, coking and other heavy oil processing units for over 50 oil refineries in the past 40 years.  In the area of catalytic reforming, Prafis Energy Solutions consultants expertise can be applied to semi-regen and cyclic regeneration fixed bed reformers as well as continuous catalyst regeneration (CCR) reformers. In addition, the expertise of Prafis Energy Solutions derived from fundamental and process understanding of oil refining units provide the basis for timely cost efficient solutions for our clients’ refinery challenges. In addition, Prafis energy Solutions have excellent understanding in the applications of adsorbents and chemicals for treating and profitable oil processing and enhancing reliability in refineries.

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