Dr. Soni O.Oyekan

President and Chief Executive Officer

  • Yale, 1970, BS, Engineering & Applied Sciences: Carnegie Mellon University, 1970 -1977, MS & PhD , Chemical Engineering
  • 40+ years of experience in petroleum refining, petrochemical processing, operations, refinery reliability and optimization
  • Corporate Refinery consultant for Sunoco, Amoco, BP and Marathon Petroleum Company for 20 years. 16 years of R&D at Exxon, Engelhard and DuPont.
  • 5 US and 8 foreign patents and over 40 publications and numerous presentations
  • Experience in feasibility studies, capital projects, catalytic processes, oil refining technologies, optimization and reliability improvement of oil refining processes and precious metals management.
  • Experienced in land and water pollution remediation in oil production and oil refining.
  • Expert witness in oil refining history and oil refining processes

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Dr. Albert Condello – Consultant

Peter Renzi – Consultant