For catalysts and adsorbents services, Prafis Energy Solutions offers decades of  years of experiences in catalysts, processes and adsorbents R&D, manufacturing and use of same in oil refining processes. Specifically for catalysts, Prafis Energy Solutions offers a “cradle to grave” series of expertise encompassing the full span of appropriate catalysts selections, assessing fresh catalyst qualities, offering and reviewing sound procedures for loading catalysts into reactors, start up and on-stream process optimization. Secondly, Prafis Energy Solutions can support process units shutdowns, safe catalysts unloading and handling and catalysts disposals consistent with meeting relevant environmental and transportation regulations.

In addition, for catalysts with precious metals (platinum, palladium,  silver, etc), Prafis Energy Solutions can provide effective management of your precious metals from supply of the precious metals to the catalyst manufacturers for catalysts manufacture to recovery of your precious metals from the spent catalysts some years after optimized use of the fresh catalysts. We will work with precious metals reclamation companies to maximize your benefits. Additional services could include providing necessary support for efficient management of your warehouses to minimize potential financial losses with respect to safe and secure management of your assets.

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