Prafis Energy Solutions has the experience you need for HAZOP/MOC Reviews. Prafis Energy Solutions adresses human factors, and analyze proceedural steps to help reduce hazards brought about by failure to perform proper procedures. Prafis Energy Solutions can help to evaluate near misses that are reported and investigated and help you to write effective operational and maintenence procedures. Prafis Energy Solutions can help to develop trouble-shooting guides utilizing HAZOP tables and impliment effective programs for incident investigations with proceedures for root cause analysis.

Our expertise allows us to better serve you with:

  • Modification of existing operations
  • Redundant Design
  • Operational Efficiency to SHE standards
  • Establish MOC reviews for incremental changes
  • Establish operating procedures and best practices
  • Establish plant and laboratory operations
  • Assess flow, phase, pressure, temperature, and incompatibility dynamics
  • Develop company proceedures for HAZOP studies
  • HAZOP analysis of computer controlled processes
  • Hazard studies
  • Functional safety for electric, electronic, and programmable instruments
  • and more…

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