Catalytic Naphtha Reforming Process Book

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  • Incorporates current key challenges, process developments, effective operations, and monitoring of catalytic reformers to achieve optimized oil refining operations and desired refinery reliability and profitability
  • Offers a brief history of the oil business to enhance understanding of current geopolitical developments
  • Covers the basics of oil refining and oil refinery processes, and transportation fuels specifications
  • Offers best practice concepts for turnaround maintenance, and an overview of cost effective management programs for precious metals with great emphasis on platinum management


Based on the author’s decades of years of experience in oil refining, Catalytic Naphtha Reforming Process conveys essential information on key concepts, operations, and practices of catalytic naphtha reforming technologies and associated oil refining processes. The book reviews collective technical and operational advancements with respect to efficient use of catalysts and catalytic reformers in oil refining and incorporates key advancements from recent developments in catalytic reforming technologies and processes. High octane reformate gasoline blendstock production via the use of high performing continuous catalyst regenerative processes is emphasized for regulated, environmentally friendly gasoline. The benefits of timely, effective process unit monitoring are covered in this book. Some of the principal objectives of this book include the need to emphasize more proactive approaches in the planning, operations and maintenance of catalytic reforming units and oil refineries. A number of recommendations are provided for enhancing the operations, reliability, and productivity of catalytic reformers and oil refineries.


“This book brings in both the technical and practical experience of Dr. Oyekan from his decades working as a Catalytic Naphtha Reforming subject matter expert with several major refining companies. Dr. Oyekan’s writing style and depth of knowledge make this book a must read for students and engineers interested in catalytic naphtha reforming.”

~Gary Gianzon, Marathon Petroleum

“The book has a surprising amount of background on the oil industry – both upstream and downstream – including history and development. Anyone interested in the different types of refinery configurations – what they are called, why they exist, and economic factors – will be able to confidently talk about a coker refinery versus hydroskimmer with confidence after a few minutes with this book.”

~Russell Brown, The Quaker Group

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